Wow, Where Have You Been?!

That’s probably the question everyone would be asking if I had a super, popular blog.  The truth is, I don’t really deserve to have a lot of readers, because I have been extremely inconsistent with my writing.  The last time I wrote was to talk about how I was going to catch everyone up on what’s been going on in my life.  So, I suppose that, despite the fact it’s been over a month since I said that, I should go ahead and follow through.

First off, I believe that before I took my long leave of absence I was talking about the crazy exam I was going to have to take to get my nursing license.  Well, I took the NCLEX on December 23, 2008 and found out on Christmas Day that I passed.  It was a great present to myself for Christmas.

Many of you probably don’t know, but the NCLEX is a very complex exam.  It is personalized just for you.  This is because from the very first question you answer, it analyzes your answer and decides if you need more questions regarding that subject.  It will keep asking question after question until it knows for sure that you’ve really passed or you’ve really failed.  There is a minimum number of questions, 85, and a maximum number of questions, 205.  If the computer decides that it doesn’t have enough information to pass or fail you after the 85th question, it will continue to ask you questions until the results are definite, or until you’ve reached the maximum number of questions.

Now that you know a little about the test, you might understand how nerve racking this test could be.  You’re being asked what seems to be an infinite number of questions, and at the end there’s just really no way of telling whether you’ve passed or failed!  I got the minimum number of questions on the exam.  My computer shut off after I answered question number 85, and I FREAKED.  I look at it like it was a person who had just given my the worst insult possible, and though, “Wait a minute!  I didn’t even get a chance to prove I could pass!”  I then raised my hand so the proctor could walk me out of the room.

I didn’t know I could go through so many emotions all at once.  I was sick to my stomach because I had no clue if I passed, but I was also relieved and felt like I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders since it was over.  The next two days were the longest days I’ve ever waited for to pass.  I checked the website to find out my results almost every hour, and if I wasn’t around a computer I obsessed about it in my mind.   The last time I checked it was on Christmas Day at around 10:00 AM, and it finally said that my results were available.

I know I said earlier that after I took my test I had never gone through so many emotions all at once, but I lied.  My emotions went haywire during that 2 minutes of seeing that my results were ready, paying to see them, and clicking the “next” button to get to the page to see them.  First I had this little butterfly flutter in my stomach, then I felt like I was going to vomit, then I felt anxious to get done with the payment process, then I was so nervous I really almost did vomit, and finally, I was ecstatic when I saw that one little word, “PASSED.”  It was seriously one of the happiest moments of my life.  I was officially a NURSE!

This blog is going to have to be continued at another time.  I will continue to update everyone on what has been going on over the past few months, but it’s obviously going to have to be broken into several blogs.  Can’t wait to tell everyone about my new job,  my boyfriend, and my return to UofL.


I think I’m slacking

So I really do think I’m slacking in the blogging department. Actually, I know I am. As a result of my pure laziness I have vowed to catch up and write about everything going on in my life. One of my up and coming blogs is going to be dedicated to a memoir of my nclex experience. Gosh, so much has been going on since the last time I blogged! So, stay tuned to hear all about my new job, new boyfriend, starting back to school, and several new health blogs!

It’s been waaaaay too long!

I’ve decided that it’s been way too long since I wrote a blog.  I think it’s been more than a week, and that’s really bad.  I don’t know, I think I’ve just been really busy studying for my state boards for my nursing license because time has just flown by.  Anyways…not much has really been going on.  I stayed in last weekend for the first time in a very long time and it felt great!  I don’t know, but I think I had forgotten what it was like to just chill out on a saturday night.  It was fabulous though and I felt great on Sunday morning; not a common thing for me because I seem to go out every Saturday night to drink and socialize.

Speaking of going out, I went out tonight.  Which is probably why I’m here writing a blog at 4:03 am EST!  It was a pretty fun night.  I definitely learned a lot from the experiences my friends are going through right now.  Two of my really good friends, Jenny and Sierra, have been going through break-ups this week.  Jenny has been with Robert for over two years now and is definitely in love with him.  There’s only one problem though.  She has cheated on him one too many times and it has really hurt him to the point that he doesn’t know if they are right for eachother.  They live together, so when they broke up last week it was pretty rough.  Definitely not a clean break because they have to see eachother everyday.  Jenny is definitely not over him, but can’t figure out why she needs to have a fling with one particular guy every now and again.

Sierra had been with her boyfriend for a year or so (I’m not all too sure).  They broke up about two weeks ago because both had been having negative feelings.  She was upset over some things he had done that she doesn’t like a boyfriend to do.  But that’s not the reason they broke up.  It’s because he told her that he had lost feelings for her back in August and that he felt they weren’t right for eachother.  Thus, Sierra broke up with him.

Tonight, both of them had this epiphany.  They both are in love with their exes and want to be with them forever.  Robert came out with us tonight, so I guess that’s what really got Jenny, because this is the first time he’s been out with us since they broke up.  Sierra texted Sean a sexually related messages in a foreign language because she wanted him to think about her…and it worked.  By the end of the night, Jenny ended up really upset about her situation and we all ended up picking Sean up so that he could be with Sierra.  It was a very interresting night.

So you may ask what I got out of this as an innocent bystander.  Well, I think I need to interpret everything a little more to get a full understanding of everything going on and see what happens in the next couple weeks.  But, I think I do have an idea of what might be going on.  There are two different ways this whole thing could be interpreted.  Either these girls truley are in love with their significant others, or, they are stuck because they won’t let themselves leave something so familiar to them.  It is much easier to stay with something that you know and are familiar with than to try to start something new with someone else.  This is something that happens very often, and this is why there is such a high divorce rate.  I just hope that if my friends are realy in love with these guys that everything works out and that they can get past the things that caused the break-ups in the first place.  I love my friends and just want them to be happy, but I might as well learn something in the process, right?!

Burkitt’s Lymphoma

This morning I was on facebook and came across an old high school friend’s status update about leaving the hospital for a couple of weeks and it drew me to look at his profile and find out why he was in the hospital in the first place.  I saw that many people had commented on his wall with sentiments.  I then found a note that he had written back in late November about what was going on.  In a nutshell, he was diagnosed with a very rare cancer called Burkitt’s Lymphoma.  His story inspired me to research and write a health blog about the disease, as many people, including myself have never even heard of it.

Burkitt’s Lymphoma is a form of cancer that most commonly occurs in children in Africa, the endemic type.  Only a very few cases occur outside of Africa; this is called the sporadic type.  There is another type of Burkitt’s Lymphoma that is associated with immunodificiency diseases, such as HIV, or in people with lowered immune systems, such as transplant patients.

It is believed that all three types are linked to the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).  This virus is a type of herpes simplex virus.  Most people infected with EBV manifest with Infectious Mononucleosis, or Mono in lay terms.  Others infected with EBV may have no manifestation and the virus lies dormant.  In both cases, the virus still lingers.  If someone is infected with EBV at a time that their immunity is low, they are more likely to develop Burkitt’s Lymphoma later in life.  Also, if someone was infected with EBV in the past, and approaches a time when their immunity faulters, the same can occur for them.

Burkitt’s Lymphoma is most often cureable.  It is a Non-Hodgkin’s type of Lymphoma, meaning it does not show the Reed-Sternberg cell found in Hodgkin’s Disease.  The disease is most often found in the jaw, distal ilium (lower end of the large intestine), cecum (where small intestine and large intestine meet), ovaries, kidney, or breasts.  It is a lymphatic cancer so it can spread very quickly, as the lymph nodes run through the entire body and are all connected in some way.  It is treated based on where the cancer is found and when the disease is diagnosed.  Chemotherapy is most often the choice of treatment.  Since Burkitt’s is such a fast growing type of cancer, it responds very quickly to Chemotherapy and can be completely cured.

My prayers go out to Nathan and his family.  Stay strong and you can definitely beat this disease!


Losing Sleep

So, it’s 5:00am and I can’t sleep.  I woke up and my mind just started racing.  I got hired at a hospital here in Louisville and quite frankly am very unhappy with the pay rate they have given me.  So when I woke up this morning I started thinking about all the other places I could apply for.  Then I started wondering how long it would take them to actually call to set an interview.

After already applying at about 15 facilities since I graduated in October, one, count them one, has actually interviewed me.  I thought nursing was a high demand job? Unless I’m somehow being blackballed for some reason or another.  I am very annoyed with this and I’ve been losing sleep over it.   What could be wrong with my resume, as a new graduate with four years of experience as a Nurse Aide, that could cause 14 facilities to completely look over it and put it in the “reject” pile.  I am livid about this.

I know the economy is in a recession and all…but healthcare?!  Healthcare should NEVER falter in the hiring aspect.  To me, healthcare is very important to everyone and will probably be one of the last things to fall in a failing economy.  Why can’t I find a good paying nursing position?!

Another thing that has kept me up this morning is the fact that I really need to take my board exams.  I was a 3.42 GPA student, but am extremely worried about taking these exams.  I really shouldn’t have waited so long to take them, but I’m broke and can’t afford the $200 fee for the test.  See, right now I’m working as a CNA for AMS Temporaries.  They send me to various nursing homes where staffing is short.  But at this time of the year, staffing is never short, so I’m lucky to get 2 shifts in a week.  I’m pretty much broke right now and can’t even pay a bill.  Now I feel like I’ve forgotten everything I learned in nursing school.  I’m going to have to study like crazy!

Well, I hope I haven’t bored you.  I just hate the fact that I’m losing sleep over money.  I’m sure that in a recession like the one we’re in now I’m not the only one in this situation.  Lord, I hope I find something soon so I can get out of this slum.

It’s a beautiful morning!

No, I lied.  It is 7:26 am and it feels way too early for me to be awake.  I have an interview at 11:30 this morning with the nurse manager at a local hospital and the only way I can get there is if I take my dad to work so I can use his truck.  The transmission in my car is all messed up.  It’s been that way for about 5 months or so now, and I haven’t been able to drive it.  I don’t have the money to get it fixed because I was in nursing school when it all happened and barely able to even pay my bills.  So, I’ve been getting up extra early when I need a car to take either my mom (4:00 am) or my dad (7:00am) to work.  It’s kind of a pain, but I’ll eventually get my car fixed.  Just do yourself a favor and never buy a 2000 Toyota Celica…I think they all have the same problem.

Sorry this post is going up so late by the way.  I wrote it this morning and had to jump off in a hurry because it was time to leave.  I’ll have a better post next time.  I promise!

Tila Tequila wrote a book?

Yeah, it’s true…she wrote a book.  I don’t even know what to think of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I give her major props for doing everything that she has done.  She was a nobody, now she’s just a nobody with a lot of fans all because of Myspace.  But really, how much could she possibly have written about in her book, and how much could possibly be factual.  Maybe she wrote about how scripted A Shot at Love was, and how hard it was to pretend like she was heartbroken when none of those relationships worked out.  I dunno, maybe I’m not giving her enough credit, but if you ask me, the book couldn’t possibly be interresting enough to sell millions.  That’s probably why she’s been advertising it on all of her websites for the past five months.  Okay, sorry about all this.   I’m just in shock with the whole thing.  I liked watching A Shot at Love, but a book is just over the top!