Black Friday Murderers

I figured I needed to put a post up today.  I don’t know why…but it really just sounded like a good idea.  So, sorry if this is super random and if I ramble a little bit.

I think that anyone who thinks that material items are so important that someone’s life is less important should DIE!  People waiting in line at a Wal-Mart in Valley Stream, NY last Friday were so eager to get in to get a good buy that they trampled a man to death after busting through the doors.  To me, these people are absolute IDIOTS and every one of them should be charged as an accessory to murder!  How can you just keep walking all over some guy laying on the floor!  I mean, how hard is it to tell that you are stomping on someone’s body?  I know that every single one of those people knew very well that he was laying there, yet no one tried to stop the chaos and as a result an innocent man is dead.  The thing that sent me over the top is that these people continued to trample over the other workers who were trying to save the man, then became irate when police closed the store due to the death.  Now to me, when a man’s life is less important than your Christmas shopping, you have a serious issue.  Don’t you people know what Christmas is really about?  I guess you couldn’t in this materialistic society, but you still deserve to rot in prison!

Now that I’ve had my rant session, I guess I’ll jump off here and start my day.  I have a long waited for job interview today at 1:30, so wish me luck.  Lord knows I need this job so I can catch up on the bills…blah.



  1. aside from the part about wishing people should die because of irresponsible world views, you are right on ^_^

    i too couldn’t believe it when people not only killed him, but were upset they had to leave. I read a quote where one person complained that they shouldn’t have to leave because they had been in line since the previous day…

    a sad world sometimes.

  2. Yea, I know…the die thing was a little over the top. Just had to let some anger out. Hope people understand!

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