Losing Sleep

So, it’s 5:00am and I can’t sleep.  I woke up and my mind just started racing.  I got hired at a hospital here in Louisville and quite frankly am very unhappy with the pay rate they have given me.  So when I woke up this morning I started thinking about all the other places I could apply for.  Then I started wondering how long it would take them to actually call to set an interview.

After already applying at about 15 facilities since I graduated in October, one, count them one, has actually interviewed me.  I thought nursing was a high demand job? Unless I’m somehow being blackballed for some reason or another.  I am very annoyed with this and I’ve been losing sleep over it.   What could be wrong with my resume, as a new graduate with four years of experience as a Nurse Aide, that could cause 14 facilities to completely look over it and put it in the “reject” pile.  I am livid about this.

I know the economy is in a recession and all…but healthcare?!  Healthcare should NEVER falter in the hiring aspect.  To me, healthcare is very important to everyone and will probably be one of the last things to fall in a failing economy.  Why can’t I find a good paying nursing position?!

Another thing that has kept me up this morning is the fact that I really need to take my board exams.  I was a 3.42 GPA student, but am extremely worried about taking these exams.  I really shouldn’t have waited so long to take them, but I’m broke and can’t afford the $200 fee for the test.  See, right now I’m working as a CNA for AMS Temporaries.  They send me to various nursing homes where staffing is short.  But at this time of the year, staffing is never short, so I’m lucky to get 2 shifts in a week.  I’m pretty much broke right now and can’t even pay a bill.  Now I feel like I’ve forgotten everything I learned in nursing school.  I’m going to have to study like crazy!

Well, I hope I haven’t bored you.  I just hate the fact that I’m losing sleep over money.  I’m sure that in a recession like the one we’re in now I’m not the only one in this situation.  Lord, I hope I find something soon so I can get out of this slum.



  1. Woa, I’m on the other hand loosing sleep due to blogging XD.

    Want to trade links with my blog? hope to hear from you 😀

  2. Yeah, we can trade links…but I can’t get to your blog.

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