I just graduated from the Licensed Practical Nursing program at Galen College of Nursing.  I am looking forward to starting my career as a nurse!  I will be returning to the University of Louisville in Spring 2009 to complete my bachelor’s degree in nursing.  I started there in 2004 but took time off to attend Galen so that I could start working in the nursing field sooner (it’s going to take me another 3-4 years to finish at UofL).  After I get my BSN I will continue my studies to get my Master’s degree, thus becoming a Nurse Practitioner.


I am a fun-loving, talented socialite.  I love to go out on spontaneous adventures with my friends.  There are many days where we have absolutely no plans whatsoever, but turn them into days full of random fun.  I have played the violin since I was 9 years old (that’s 13 years!) and have danced since I was three.  I attended the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville, KY for high school where I was a member of their Orchestra.  I was also on the dance team for Manual High School (the main part of my school, where we got all of our academics) for all four years.  I love art and music and can find beauty in almost anything!  Meeting new people is a very large part of my life, because the more people you know and establish a good rapport with, the more opportunities you have to enhance and move forward in your career and social life!



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    If you don’t like to be an ordinary nurse, go China. White girls can easily get modelling assignments and teaching positions and such. Just refrain from sleeping around.

    Nice knowing you.


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